Prismacolor Pen Prints

Prismacolor Pen Print by Daniel Eatock

A complete set of 156 Prismacolor markers (arranged following manufacturer’s numbered color chart) held within inverted glasses, one ream of 25” x 38” uncoated, 40 lb. paper, divided into two stacks.

This work is adapted from Pantone Pen Print a 2006 edition of a total of 73 prints using a full set of Pantone markers.

Over the course of the 39 days of the exhibition (September 18 through October 26, 2008), the paper absorbed the ink from the pens. The sheets at the top of each stack absorbed more ink than the sheets farther away from the tips of the pens. The result is an edition of organically related prints, each unique.

The ink reached the 31st sheet in the stack of paper that comprises the top half of the diptych and the 29th sheet of the stack that comprises the bottom half of the diptych.Prior to discovering the extent of the edition, it was determined that the price of each diptych would equal the highest number of sheets stained by the ink.

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