Urban Sketchers has been expanding it's network by creating city & region specific blogs with under the USk banner.The list includes Seattle, the Twin Cities, Indianapolis, Seoul, Singapore, Argentina, Moscow, Spain, Sardinia, Indonesia, Portugal, Portland, Mexico, San Francisco/Bay Area, Italy, República Dominicana, Memphis, and Costa Rica.

URBAN SKETCHERS > WASHINGTON DC is the latest blog to go live with an eager group of sketchers to call its own. The site will be sharing the drawings by it's members, the work of the "DC Sketchers Class" from the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, & event updates for different drawing events happening in and around the city. Visit, comment, share, bookmark, link to, follow, stumble upon, tweet & whatever else you can think to do at the new blog. Everyone on the site is excited to share the work & share the city with the world.


"Combining street art with spelunking, The Underbelly Project is a real collection of works that exists four stories beneath the surface of the City. But good luck finding it.

Street artists
Workhorse and PAC curated the underground exhibit in an abandoned subway station, but the exact location won't be released to the public, for fear of legal repercussions. (If caught trespassing on or defacing MTA property, they could be arrested and fined.)

Each of the 103 artists had one night to finish his or her piece. One by one, Workhorse or PAC led them to the space -- which entailed a difficult and dangerous process of waiting for the active station's platform to clear and then maneuvering through an old entrance to the abandoned tracks of yore -- where they let their
creative juices flow."
The Underbelly Project

Homemade is Best

IKEA – Homemade is Best. from Forsman & Bodenfors on Vimeo.

Cute video showing the making of IKEA's beautifully designed cookbook "Hembakat är Bäst."