Poster Boy remixes the MoMA's ad campaign in Brooklyn's Atlantic-Pacific subway station. Perhaps sponsored by the ad campaign's marketing exec Doug Jaeger & MoMA itself, though it is being denied.

Macropinna Macrostoma

Macropinna macrostoma (common name "barreleyes") can rotate its eyes to a vertical position; because its head is transparent, it can then see predators or prey above itself without moving its body.


Flying from Sam Fuller on Vimeo.


Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. sells capes, grappling hooks, antimatter, and more. All the proceeds from the store go directly to 826NYC. The store also gives passersby a reason to walk in and see what’s going on in the writing center.
826NYC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. Services are structured around the belief that great leaps in learning can happen with one-on-one attention, and that strong writing skills are fundamental to future success. With this in mind 826NYC provides free drop-in tutoring, after-school workshops, in-schools tutoring, help for English language learners, and assistance with student publications.

826NY's Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.
[Boing Boing]

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do...

"Port Richmond artist Rylee Eterginoso wants you to write a break-up letter - addressed to anyone or anything - for a Dear John compilation
she's assembling in the name of art. . .

"Are there any (relationships) you wish you could just break up with?" asks the break-up artist, soliciting craftily written pink-slips from the public at large. "Maybe you gotta kick procrastination to the curb, or that Dollar Menu really takes a toll on you, or your relationship with Facebook has run its course . . .

Ms. Eterginoso plans to work with local filmmaker Geoff Celis to turn the letters she collects into a series of short films. She also will compile a book, formally or informally, cataloguing the responses. With solicitations already posted on Craigslist and Staten Island's Web site, and postcards distributed at Manhattan's Pianos and The Starting Line clothing store and at the Cargo Cafe, St. George, Ms. Eterginoso also plans to seek contributors from out of state and hopes to get 200 responses. "

To participate, email by Febuary 26, 2009.


Abstract Narratives

TM Gratkowski @ Saatchi gallery