Sad Objections

via Wooster Collective:

"A few weeks ago we posted a call for artists to assist in a massive mural in Washington DC, sponsored by the fantastic nonprofit group Albus Cavus. The final wall is absolutely stunning.

But to show how ignorant some people can be, we heard today that the local Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Marshall Phillips is now protesting the mural because, according to him, for it to be acceptable it needs to include references to MLK, the Redskins football team, and the Nationals baseball team"


"Marine biologists in New Zealand are also using glass shells to help study hermit crabs. These crabs voluntarily moved into the hand-blown glass shells with 7-10 days of the glass shells being added to the tanks."

Photos by Frank Greenaway.

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Found Them

"Them" an ongoing series by Danny Treacy, who recovers clothes, collected from lonely places - the woods, the wasteland, the car-parks. They are then re-stitched and re-fashioned: re-modelled into junk monsters.


"This is a work based on the colors. When people see my work, they feel it is something official. It is a development issue: I'm on these 2 colors and I look after, I experiment always different things. I did not want to confine myself to a technique. Although I always wave back to rubalise, I try not to shut myself up in this material. When I chose the red and white, it is a position. Duchamps like when his "ready-made, or which reduced Buren painting band. Therefore I was the appropriate red and white because the colors are signs in the city. Lignes Rouges



Guerilla Ramps

Kings of Concrete's guerilla skate ramps

It Was A Date

Claude Lelouch's Rendezvous... from Dat on Vimeo.

In 1976, French filmmaker Claude Lelouch mounted a camera to the hood of his sports car and drove like a maniac through early-morning Paris. His 9 minute film is called "C'était un rendez-vou" (It Was a Date)
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William Kamkwamba, a Malawian teen who designs and builds his own windmills using nothing more than pictures from a library book as a reference.[Make]

Fuel Line

Stuart Breidenstein's (of go robot!) working stove-necklace