Louise Bourgeois

"French-born American artist Louise Bourgeois, 98, died Monday of a heart attack. Her works are in the permanent collections of such museums as Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim, The Tate Modern, Corcoran Gallery of Art, and The National Gallery of Art among many many others.

She is survived by sons Alain and Jean-Louis, two grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Her son Michel died in 1990.

She continued creating art until her death."

[Washington Post/NY Times]

Chladni Singing

Depending on the tones she sings, Meara O’Reilly can create resonant patterns with salt scattered on an Chladni plate.


NeSpoon has adopted one of Warsaw's 21 allegorical muses of human's creativity and science, the one that was an orphan, with no allocation.


Ken Wong


Stephen Sollins unstitches cheap, mass-marketed embroideries then reorders their colored threads into monochrome rectangles on the original perforated fabric grounds.
[dear ada]

Chair Bomb

DoTank:Brooklyn - Chair bombing at North 5th and Berry from Aurash Khawarzad on Vimeo.



"I [Sweza] am using QR Codes to preserve graffiti for posterity by photographing the graffiti before it is removed. After the graffiti has been cleaned off by the local authorities or building owner i place a QR Code in the exact location which resolves to an image of the original. In that way a mobile phone with a QR-Code Reader can be used to travel back in time."