In 2006 Julien Berthier installed an artificial entrance to an existing frontage in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. The facade, using the local architectural codes, occupies 10 cm of public space. 4 years later, the address still exists, and while regularly graffitied, it is cleaned out by the city service.


As Matt Forsythe of Drawn! so wisely states "It takes restraint not to re-post everything Jillian [Tamaki] writes on her blog..."


Music Video & Film Director Michel Gondry will paint your portrait for $19.95.


"With some wit, we endeavour to provide warning with humour; suggest danger with comedy; invite caution without frightening...and most importantly, we appeal to our fine city to remember that potholes aren't just uncomfortable, they really, really hurt."

Urban Repair Squad
[Wooster Collective/Torontoist]

On Track

Down Airport Way South, sitting there on the I-5 retaining wall. (Seattle)
WAFA Collective