Wørk in Progress

Wørk in Progress offers video portraits of artists at work. Episode 2 features the artist Jan Vormann. and his ongoing project "Dispatchwork."


Corinne Vionnet uses hundreds of tourists’ photos of famous landmarks to create this series of composite images.

Love Love

"Love-love is the permanent and mobile image of a wrecked ship that has become a functional and safe leisure object.
Julien Berthier

Love Love from julien berthier on Vimeo.

Created Equal


Mark Laita
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Lingerie Model/Woman in Girdle

Woman in Bar/Gold Prospector


"Maria Fischer's 'Traumgedanken' book is a collection of 'literary, philosophical, psychological and scientifical texts' about dreams. The book uses threads pierced through the pages and affixed to other pages to make physical hyperlinks between ideas. "
"On five pages there are illustrations made out of thread. Their shape and colour relies on the key words on the opposite page. This way an abstract image of the dream about dreaming is generated."
Maria Fischer
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Calibration II

"Calibration II is a live video installation by Kyung Woo Han. The actual installation is a distorted box, but a camera with a fish-eye lens makes it look right again."
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