Lucian Freud 1922 – 2011

"Lucian Freud, one of the seminal British painters of the 20th century, and a grandson of Sigmund Freud, died July 20 at 88 in London. But more must be said about Freud, a Realist painter whose work has been compared to that of American master Edward Hopper and whose outsized personality will guarantee a long afterlife in the British consciousness."



Croix Gagnon's decided to reassmble the body of convicted murderer Joseph Paul Jernigan, who donated his body to the Visible Body Project to unknowingly be dissected in cross-sections and photographed.With the help of Frank Schott he used the video of said cross-sections to create long exposure photographs that seemingly put Jernigan's body back together in a ghostly image.
[Cgunit/today & tomorrow]

Source Data for Photography/Portfolio from Croix Gagnon on Vimeo.

Play With Your Trash

The city of Lucerne [Switzerland] is taking a new approach in the fight against the carelessly discarded waste.

[swiss miss/Neue Luzerner Zeitung]

Cy Twombly, 1928-2011

"Cy Twombly, a Virginia-born, American artist whose deceptively simple scrawls, smudges and sculptural shapes made him one of the most significant artistic figures of the past 50 years, died July 5 in Rome. He was 83 and had cancer."