A Collaborative Game

The Exquisite Book
"Each [illustrator] adorns a page with artwork having seen only the page of the artist immediately prior and using a single horizon line to connect the two. Some continue the "story" quite literally while others build on the previous page in more fanciful ways."
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Sugar Water

Eric Baudelaire
"The film takes place on the fictional Paris metro platform at the fictional Porte d’Erewhon, where a billposter descends into the station to cover a large advertising billboard painted bright blue. He continues to wheat-paste a sequence of images that depict a common car parked on an anonymous Parisian street. He continues by then covering that image with one of the same car busting into flames. The billposter continues until the car becomes swallowed up in smoke, and then remains only as a burnt-out skeleton of the former car. All the while, metro riders enter and exit the scene seemingly oblivious to the slow-motion narrative action taking place. Baudelaire hired a real billposter to lay down the imagery, but the commuters who move in and out of the station are all hired actors, enacting a sort of role reversal in which the person upon whom the single camera focuses is not an actor; the “extras” who fill the background, meanwhile, are."
Watch the 71 minute film here.
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J. BIEBZ - U SMILE 800% SLOWER by Shamantis
Shamantis took Justin Bieber's song "U Smile" and slowed it down 800% to make quite an amazing 35 minute ambient track.


Candice Breitz chose to work with monozygotic twins (and triplets) who spent their formative lives together and who thus draw on shared memories and experience. Each pair of twins was filmed over the course of one long day in a domestic environment designated by the twins. Breitz interviewed Twin A for approximately 5–7 hours in the absence of his/her sibling and then directed the same set of questions separately to Twin B. Designed to give each individual the opportunity to narrate his/her own story as s/he chose, the questions covered intimate areas such as childhood, sibling rivalry and family matters, but also zoomed out to allow each subject to address his/her relationship to the world at large.
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Air Whale

Matt Jones (finding inspiration in the video below)

Islam Is Welcome Here


And *sigh* a FOXNEWS report:

Papergirl Albany

"Around the world people have been given a roll of art when they least expect it. Bicyclists are handing out rolls of art to random people, and ask for nothing in return! PaperGirl is spreading around the world like the iPhone. PaperGirl-Albany is in its second year running, and joining forces with New York City for their first round of the project that began in Berlin 5 years ago. Artists from around the world are giving their rollable art to the various PaperGirl projects."
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