An interactive art installation concevied by ceramacist Laurent Craste and digital agency Dpt. The animated “shadows” are coming from a hidden projector which tracks the movements of the faux light source.
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Pothole #316841

Jim Bachor takes his mosaic work to the worn-down streets of Chicago to confront the city’s own type of ruin: gaping potholes that number upwards of 600,000.
Now he's even been sanctioned by the city of Chicago.

Beautiful Dreamer (pulled)

Maskull Lasserre created "a series of grenades that "detonate" a melody from an enclosed music box when the pin is pulled and the spoon is released. Each grenade is wound and set, and can only ever be 'played' once—much like how a grenade can only explode once."
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"Every week a mysterious duo [Dangerdust] plague the chalkboards of Columbus College of Art & Design, seeking to inspire and motivate, leaving behind a trail of chalk dust."


"In the days following the flooding of NYC, I began this series of drawings. The first 7 of these images are directly in response to the effects of Hurricane Sandy. I decided to take the concept of sea walls to the extreme. 
The remaining drawings reflect a more paranoid outlook. They’re about walling off sections of any city into self-governing City States. The walls contain and prevent damage from a range of real and perceived threats."
Jeff Konigsberg
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