Last Expo

"Last Expo is a collection of photographs taken of orphaned art in its final resting place. It’s a commemorative album of forgotten human imagination. THEY made this."
[Guerrilla Innovations]


"The Mona Lisa with the lady [digitally] selected, then put through Content-Aware Fill (a Photoshop CS5 tool that automatically generates content based on the existing surrounding content of the image and fills in selected area). The resulting image is a potential landscape as interpreted by the software. The image was sent to an painting manufacturer in China where an oil painting was produced."
Mike Ruiz
[today & tomorrow]


Jessie Henson


"Throw your trash. Play basketball! "

Démocratie Créative

"If the rail strikes: Get a race!"


"Somewhere under a pier in Malmö, Sweden, Erik Vestman and Nils Petter Löfstedt stumble upon an undiscovered hollow. For six months they build Malmö’s most secret room with white walls and a parquet floor."
The Pier

PIREN / THE PIER - trailer from Stavro Filmproduktion on Vimeo.