Street Sign Chair

"When not in use, the seat is rotated upwards to act as a sign informing passerby of its potential use."


Erin Antognoli makes consistently beautiful photographs utilizing her Holga camera. She too has been displaying at Artomatic this year.

Love Is Medium Rare

Does anyone know who made these?
Found in Washington DC, and I kind of love them.


The artist is Decoy. Thanks Jenny!

Barcelona & The Squat

Blu/YouTube[It's Nice That]


Bill Brand subway tunnel animation

Bill Brand's Masstransiscope was installed in the abandoned Myrtle Avenue subway station in Brooklyn, New York in September 1980. It has been seen by millions of commuters for over twenty-five years. The 228 hand-painted panels are viewed through a series of vertical slits set into a specially constructed housing. The piece works on the principle of the Zoetrope, a 19th century optical toy.

[Wooster Collective]